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Post  MadocComadrin on Tue Jul 06, 2010 10:45 pm

For all of you applying, please note that X-Fire (found here: http://www.xfire.com/) is mandatory until further notice. Eventually, we will transition to Ventrillo or Teamspeak, but we will most likely use still use x-fire to see who is online when there is a match, training, or other event. If you do not have it currently, but are planning to download it, please apply anyway. Include in your application that you are going to get x-fire. When you do get x-fire, please post your username here: http://goldenlegion.canadaboard.net/general-forums-f3/xfire-usernames-t61.htm

X-Fire is a free program that offers friend management, chat, voice chat, in-game support (such as chatting without having to alt-tab, a web-browser similar to steams, live video broadcast, and more), video recording, screenshots (with free upload space for both videos and screenshots), and more. It is updated regularly to include support for more and more games, so you will get use out of it for other things besides clan participation. In my experience, x-fire has no significant impact on performance.

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