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Post  Sento Thu Jul 08, 2010 11:49 am

As per member request and such I will include all the information regarding the league and the benefits and such.

For starters, we are called The League of Revolution. The League is a Gaming community that just started, the Founders are Myself and a good friend of mine Chemich. The goal and aim of the league is to just make a community of gamers who just want to play and have fun.

The first question I know going through your minds is "You and this other guy are founders?" before you start thinking that means it gives us control over clans that is false. The only authority we have as the 2 founders in this league is to just say yes or no to clans wanting to join. Once a clan is in the league nothing of the clan changes except for the site really. The clan leader still runs the clan and can do whatever the hell he wants, we cannot tell or influence clans in any way.

Website -
The League has enlisted the aid of a really good designer by the name of Acid, he designed the website, and he is continuously working on updating it and making it look EVEN better than it is. The current design theme we are using is in the 1.0 stage, meaning he is currently working on updates which as I said will make it look better and run smoother.

What does this mean for GK?
For GK being with the leagues site gives the clan many different benefits
1.)Security - our website unlike free website making sites is a full .com site, we use a design board but due to us owning the domain we can do so much more to protect all the clans in the league.
2.)Privacy - Each clan is given a spot on the forums, they all have 2 sections, 1 public were anyone league-wide may see and post, and 1 clan were only the clan may see and post as well as a section for higher councilmen can post were normal members can not.
3.)Information Backup - In the event of a site attack or technical malfunction(which both are VERY serious and CAN happen) all our information is backed up, in the event we were to loose everything, we will have it all backed up and we can throw it all back up instead of having to rebuild.
4.)Good recruitment - I know GK wont want 50+ members at this point, but any time recruitment is open, it would be nice to have a place were other members can join GK with GK knowing of their history in other clans.
I could go on but I want to get this posted so GK has so much more benefits but those are just to name a few.

Just as GK gains from this, other clans that join the league gain as well. If there is someone banned from another clan, depending on the reason he was banned other clans may or may not recruit such a person(however members in other clans CAN be banned from seeing anything related to GK if they were banned from GK and vis versa)

Clans will be able to moderate their own boards, and are more than welcome to message the founders or Acid on any changes or questions you have related to the GK board.

At the current time, We are only accepting 1 clan per game to keep a sort of controlled exclusive setting, if we so choose later to change that, all the clans in the league will be able to have their say in any changes made that would affect league-wide. We will never make a change without notifying clans, and hearing feedback, the founders are NOT in control of this league, the clans in the league are the ones in full control.

How we are going to move:

This is the procedure I have worked out with Gowe, specific details I wont list for security reasons

step 1: Move all important topics from the current forums to the new.
step 2: Once everything is moved, Make a global announcement on the current forums giving the new location and such
step 3: Lock the post and Lock the entire board, while keeping the current site as a backup
step 4: Continue as before, train, recruit, and kick ass Smile

Any questions, comments, or feedback you can send me a PM, when we move sites, you can send me, or chemich a PM regarding any questions, we do ask however that you first talk to the clan leader or high ranked officials of the clan, if they don't have the answer either they will PM us or they will tell you to PM us.

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